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Problem: Sudden drop in gas flow, or a reduced flame height
Possible Cause 1: Out of Gas.
-Check for gas in the LP gas tank.
Possible Cause 2: Excess flow safety device may have been activated.
-Turn control knob to “OFF”, wait 30 seconds and light outdoor fire table. If
the control knob and LP gas tank valve. Disconnect regulator. Turn burner
control knob to “HIGH”. Wait at least 5 minutes. Turn burner control knob o.
flames are still too low, reset the excessive flow safety device by turning o
Reconnect regulator and perform a leak check at tank connection. Turn LP
gas tank valve on slowly, wait 30 seconds and then light outdoor fire table.
Problem: Irregular flame pattern, flame does not run the full length of the burner
Possible Cause: Burner ports are clogged or blocked.
-Clean burner ports. Do this by inserting a
paperclip into each of the burner ports to
ensure they are not clogged. WARNING: Make
time to cool before touching it.
sure burner is not on, and has had sucient
Problem: Flame blow out
Possible Cause 1: High or gusting winds.
-Increase flame to “HIGH” setting.
Possible Cause 2: Low on LP gas.
-Replace or refill LP gas tank.
Possible Cause 3: Excess flow valve tripped.
-Refer to “Problem: Sudden drop in gas flow”
Problem: Flame seems to lose heat when burning in cold weather -
temperature below 50°F
Possible Cause 1: Ice has built up on the outside of the LP gas tank because the
vaporization process is too low.
-Turn the control knob and the LP gas tank to “OFF”. Replace with a spare LP
gas tank and resume burning. Store the spare LP gas tank in a well ventilated
area, away from children.
If these trouble shooting steps are unable to resolve the problem,
please call the numbers listed below.
Burner Ports
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