• This gas fire table must be used ONLY outdoors in a well-ventilated space and shall NOT be
used inside a building, garage, or any other enclosed area.
• DO NOT use this outdoor gas fire table for indoor heating. TOXIC carbon monoxide fumes
can accumulate and cause asphyxiation.
• NEVER LEAVE this gas fire table unattended when in use.
• Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable vapors and liquids within 25 feet (7.62m) of
this or any other appliance.
• Do not store any combustible materials in the base enclosure.
• Never use a flame to check for gas leaks.
• The use of alcohol, prescription or non-prescription drugs may impair an individual’s ability
to properly assemble or safely operate this outdoor fire table.
• DO NOT use in an explosive atmosphere. Keep gas fire table area clear and free from
combustible materials, gasoline and other flammable vapors and liquids.
• This outdoor fire table is not to be installed or used in or on recreation vehicles and/or boats.
• Always use in accordance with all applicable local, state and national codes. Contact your local
fire department for details on outdoor burning.
• Use the same precautions you would with any open fire when using this outdoor fire table.
• DO NOT burn solid fuels such as: wood, charcoal briquettes, lump charcoal, manufactured logs,
driftwood, trash, leaves, paper, cardboard, plywood, painted or stained or pressure treated
wood in this outdoor fire table.
• DO NOT use this outdoor fire table until it is COMPLETELY assembled and all parts are securely
fastened and tightened.
• DO NOT store another LP gas tank within 10 feet (3.05 m) of this outdoor fire table while it is
in operation.
• DO NOT use this outdoor fire table near automobiles, trucks, vans or recreational vehicles.
• DO NOT use this outdoor fire table under any overhead structure or near any unprotected
combustible constructions. Avoid using near or under overhanging trees and shrubs.
• Always use this outdoor fire table on a hard, level non-combustible surface such a concrete,
rock or stone. An asphalt or blacktop surface may not be acceptable for this purpose.
• DO NOT wear flammable or loose clothing when operating this outdoor fire table.
• DO NOT use in windy conditions.
• Keep all electrical cords away from a hot outdoor fire table.
• Certain areas of this outdoor fire table when in use will become too hot to touch. Do not touch
hot surfaces until the unit has cooled unless you are wearing protective gear such as insulated
pot holders or heat resistant gloves or mittens to avoid burns.
• DO NOT attempt to move or store this outdoor fire table until all parts are cool.
• DO NOT lean over this outdoor fire table when lighting or when in use.
• Use only the regulator and hose assembly provided. The replacement regulator and hose
assembly shall be that specified by the manufacturer.
• DO NOT attempt to disconnect the gas regulator from the tank or any gas fitting while the
outdoor fire table is in use.
• Always shut o gas supply at the tank valve and disconnect regulator from the tank when the
fire table is not in use.
• DO NOT sit on the fire table when the unit is in operation.
• DO NOT throw anything onto the fire when the unit is in operation.
• Lava rocks are very hot; please keep children or pets at a safe distance.
• It is essential to keep the outdoor fire table valve compartment, burners, and circulating air
passages clean. Inspect outdoor fire table before each use.
Important Safety Information (Continued)
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