1. This fire table comes equipped with a standard LP gas hose and regulator including the
appliance side connection for a CGA No 791 Cylinder Connection Device. The LP gas hose and
regulator supplied with this fire table must be used. Only a hose and regulator specified by
manufacturer can be used for replacement.
a. The CGA No 791 connection incorporates a magnetic flow limiting device that acts to limit
the flow of gas if a leak is detected between the regulator and the burner valve.
b. If the burner valve is open prior to the LP gas cylinder service valve being opened, the
connection will interpret this free flow of gas to be a leak.
c. The connection safety feature will reduce gas flow from the regulator to the appliance to a
minimal level.
d. Be sure that the burner control valve is closed prior to opening the LP gas cylinder service
valve to ensure that the connection flow limiting device is not triggered mistakenly.
e. If the connection flow limiting device is triggered mistakenly, close the LP gas cylinder
service valve and the burner valve, wait 10 seconds to allow the device to reset, open the
cylinder service valve, then open the burner valve and light the fireplace as per lighting
2. Be sure to protect the hose from any hot surfaces. Serious danger may result if the hose
contacts any hot surface.
3. Regular maintenance of the hose and regulator:
a. Inspect the hose before each use of the fire table. If the hose shows signs of cracks,
abrasions, cuts or damage of any kind, do not operate the appliance. Fix or replace the hose
as required before using the appliance. For assistance with repair or replacement of the hose,
call Real Flame at 1-800-654-1704. Use only replacement parts from the manufacturer.
b. Inspect the seal inside the CGA No 791 service valve on the LP gas cylinder when replacing
the cylinder or at least once per year. If there is any indication of damage, have the seal
replaced by a certified gas dealer before operating the appliance.
4. Do not use tools to tighten the CGA No 791 connection nut onto the LP gas cylinder service
valve. Hand tighten only.
5. Be careful to not cross the threads on the connection when tightening the CGA No 791
connection on to the LP gas cylinder service valve.
6. “Leak Test” should always be performed after attaching the connection to the LP gas cylinder
service valve. (See “Checking for Leaks” section of this manual on page 12)
7. For the connection of the hose and regulator to the LP tank, refer to the “Connection” section
of the LP gas cylinder section above.
Hose & Regulator Assembly And Replacement
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