Before You Begin
Before you install this update release:
nRead the information in the Known Issues and Limitations section of these Release Notes.
nFor more information about how to configure WatchGuard QMS, from the Web UI, select Support >
Online Manual.
nThe latest versions of the product documentation are available at
Download Software
If Security Connectionis enabled, thesoftware updateis downloaded automatically to yourQMS device. The
update is not automatically installed. You must manually install software updates on the Software Updates page.
See the Install the Software Update section below for detailed instructions.
To download the software manually:
1. Go to
2. Go to the WatchGuard QMS software downloads section.
3. Select and download the WatchGuard QMS v3.0 Update 1 software.
The file is called
Install the Software Update
To install the WatchGuard QMSv3.0 Update 1 release:
Back Up the WatchGuard QMS Configuration
1. Select Administration > Backup/Restore > Backup and Restore.
2. Select your backup method (FTP or SCP, then click Next.
3. Click Next to confirm your selections.
4. Click Create backup now.
Install the Software Update
1. Select Administration > Software Update > Updates.
2. If you use Security Connection, the software update already appears in the Available Updates section.
If you manually downloaded your software update:
nClick Browse and select the software update.
nClick Upload.
3. In the Available Updates section, select the software update.
4. Click Install.
The device will restart when the installation is complete. This process may take several minutes.
Before You Begin
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