Heatseeker Inbuilt Installation Procedure
Check chimney for correct venting of fumes
Position unit centrally
Connect to gas supply using 15mm copper union
Connect to power supply
Assemble log and coal or pebble set as shown (Figures 1-7).
Figure (1) Remove box containing logset, and
unpack. Place the large log at the rear
of the burner just in front of the 2
square tabs on the log support panel.
Figure (2) Place the 14 large coals and 8 small coals
on top of the white ceramic blanket.
Ensure front row of coals are placed
10 - 12mm away from the front grille.
Figure (4) Place the 2 straight logs as shown
Note: For Redgum and Forest Wood sets refer
to instructions provided with the media.
Figure (3) Place the 2 ‘Y’ shaped logs as
shown, the larger on the left.
Position the ‘Y’ end of the logs
towards the front of the heater.
IMPORTANT! Only logs, coals and pebbles supplied by Real Flame are to be used.
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