APFirmware Upgrade
The current AP firmware versions for each AP device model are:
APDevice Model Current Firmware Version
AP100, AP102, AP200
AP120, AP125, AP320, AP322,
AP325, AP420
To manage AP firmware and download the latest AP firmware to your Firebox:
nFrom Fireware Web UI, select Dashboard >Gateway Wireless Controller. From the Summary tab,
click Manage Firmware.
nFrom Firebox System Manager, select the Gateway Wireless Controller tab, then click Manage
Note that you cannot upgrade an AP120, AP320, AP322, or AP420 to 8.3.0-657 or higher unless your Firebox is
running Fireware v11.12.4 or higher. If your Firebox does not run v11.12.4. or higher, you will not see an option
to upgrade to AP firmware v8.3.0-657 or higher.
If you have enabled automatic AP device firmware updates in Gateway Wireless Controller, your AP devices
are automatically updated between midnight and 4:00am local time.
To manually update firmware on your APdevices:
1. On the Access Points tab, select one or more AP devices.
2. From the Actions drop-down list, click Upgrade.
3. Click Yes to confirm that you want to upgrade the AP device.
Update APDevices
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