On 4 September 2019, WatchGuard released APfirmware update 8.8.0-179 for AP120,
AP125, AP320, AP322, AP325, and AP420. See Enhancements and Resolved Issues for
more information.
On 12 August 2019, WatchGuard released Fireware v12.5 Update 1 to resolve several bugs.
See Enhancements and Resolved Issues for more information.
Fireware v12.5 is a major release for Firebox T Series, Firebox M Series, FireboxV, and Firebox Cloud
appliances. Together with other features new to Fireware v12.5, we're especially excited to launch the next
generation of Access Portal functionality.
Key features in Fireware 12.5 include:
Access Portal Enhancements
The Access Portal now has reverse proxy technology built in, to enable the Access Portal to
communicate with local/internal web servers. It also now supports Microsoft ActiveSync.
Proxy Warn Message Customization
This release introduces the Warn message for HTTPand Explicit proxy.
WebBlocker Override Enhancements
You can now configure WebBlocker override for specific categories, and for specific authentication
Multiple RADIUSserver support
All features that support RADIUS authentication servers now support multiple RADIUS servers in both
Web UI and Policy Manager.
RADIUS Domain Name
You must now configure a domain name when you add a new RADIUS server.
To authenticate with RADIUS, users must now specify the RADIUS domain name. Mobile VPN and
Access Portal users must specify the domain name to authenticate to a server other than the primary
If your configuration includes a RADIUS server, and you upgrade to Fireware v12.5 or higher, the
Firebox automatically uses RADIUS as the domain name for that server. To authenticate to that server,
users must specify RADIUS as the domain name.
Updated WatchGuard Mobile VPNwith IPSec client
This release includes new client versions for both macOSand Windows users.
This release also features important fixes for issues that impact VPN functionality and proxy handling of
encrypted traffic.
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