Known Issues and Limitations
Release Notes 5
Known Issues and Limitations
Known issues for Fireware v12.5 Update 1 and its management applications, including workarounds where
available, can be found on the Technical Search > Knowledge Base tab. To see known issues for a specific
release, from the Product & Version filters you can expand the Fireware version list and select the check box
for that version.
Some Known Issues are especially important to be aware of before you upgrade, either to or from specific
versions of Fireware. To learn more, see Release-specific upgrade notes.
This page does not include every issue resolved in a release.
Issues discovered in internal testing or beta testing are not usually included in this list.
Resolved Issues in APFirmware Update 8.8.0-179
lThis release resolves TCP SACK panic kernel vulnerabilities (CVE-2019-11477, CVE-2019-11478,
CVE-2019-11479). [AP-498]
lThe use of the Fast Roaming (802.11r) option no longer results in slow speeds after roaming on the
AP325 and AP420. [AP-323]
lAPs no longer reboot when they connect to switches with 802.3az enabled. 802.3az has been disabled
on all APs to prevent connectivity issues. [AP-275]
Enhancements and Resolved Issues in Fireware v12.5 Update
lThe Firebox T30, T35, T50, M200, and M300 can now successfully receive traffic from a device with a
MAC address that ends in :88:08.[FBX-16948]
lThis release resolves an issue that causes the RADIUS NAS-IP addressed to appear in reverse order in
Access-Request packets. [FBX-16368]
lThis release resolves a DNSWatch issue on the Firebox and corrects an error on external interfaces
when retrieving data. [FBX-15477]
lThe iked process no longer crashes when your Firebox has a short RSA certificate. [FBX-16606]
lThis release resolves a memory leak in the admd process. [FBX-16915, FBX-16983]
lThis release resolves an issue which caused a FireboxV to become unregistered in WatchGuard Cloud
if it uses a local DNSserver and the external interface is down for more than 4 minutes. [FBX-16888]
lThis release resolves an issue that causes the default route to disappear after a FireCluster failover.
[FBX-16604, FBX-16799]
lA proxy process crash no longer occurs when traffic connects through a SIP-ALG proxy policy. [FBX-
16581, FBX-16778]
lThis release resolves an issue that causes some websites to fail to load with a browser message ERR_
lThis release resolves an issue that causes the Firebox to stop sending updates to DNSWatch Cloud
after an upgrade to Fireware 12.5. [FBX-17207]
lThis release resolves a Web UI syntax error that occurs when you configure DNS servers through
Dimension Command. FBX-16608
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