Enhancements and Resolved Issues in WSMand Fireware v12.5
Release Notes 7
lYou can now configure multiple RADIUS servers for authentication. [FBX-15605]
lYou can now consistently use Policy Manager to save account lockout settings for Firebox-DB users.
lRADIUS authentication no longer fails because of unsupported RADIUS attributes in the access-
accept reply. [FBX-16056]
lYou can now use ECDSA Certificates for BOVPN and BOVPN Virtual Interface phase 1 authentication.
lYou can no longer modify the Authentication drop-down in predefined VPN Phase 2 options. [FBX-16642]
lYou can now configure BOVPN using the secondary IP address of a VLAN. [FBX-16492, FBX-16493]
lThe BOVPN remote gateway IP address is now sent in the correct order when the domain name option
is enabled. [FBX-16515]
lMobile VPNwith IPSec DNSserver settings no longer revert to the global DNSsettings when you use
Web UI to modify the VPNconfiguration. [FBX-16026]
lThe Gateway Wireless Controller now supports the upcoming AP327X device. [FBX-15650]
lGateway Wireless Controller SSID scheduling is no longer affected by the switch to daylight savings
time. [FBX-16326]
lNetFlow connections can now leave over any Firebox interface. [FBX-14021]
WatchGuard Mobile VPNwith IPSec Client for Windows (v11.14)
lThis release restricts the connection test by the client to a maximum of four pings.
lThis release features optimization updates to the HotSpot login feature, specifically with Seamless
lThis release resolves a vulnerability caused by the NCP Credential Provider that allowed unintended
access to Windows Explorer.
lThe client uninstall no longer fails to remove the filter driver.
lThis release improves connection behavior after your computer wakes from sleep mode.
WatchGuard Mobile VPNwith IPSec Client for macOS (v3.20)
lThis release features support for dark mode, introduced in macOS Mojave release.
lThis release supports the macOS Keychain for certificate storage.
lThis release features user interface improvements, including split-tunneling configuration with multiple
DNS suffixes.
lThe client uninstall no longer asks for permission to access your address book, calendar, and photos.
lThis release improves detection of friendly networks that were already connected when the system
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