If the fire table will not stay lit (Continued)
Other Common Problems
Make sure that the thermocouple and electrode
are correctly positioned.
The igniter housing has been removed from the
illustration to the right to better show positioning;
however, you should be able to look through
the openings of the igniter housing to verify this
without removing it.
Thermocouple - The thermocouple tip should
be located close to the burner, aligned with a
burn port so that flames contact it directly. Make
sure the flames are making contact with the
thermocouple tip.
Electrode - The electrode is where the spark is
generated to ignite your fire table. Make sure that
you can see this sparking when the igniter button
is pushed.
Damaged Thermocouple
If the igniter housing and the thermocouple tip are clear of debris and the flame is clearly contacting
the tip of the thermocouple, but the fire table will still not stay lit, the thermocouple may be
damaged. Look beneath the table and find the copper thermocouple wire coming out of the back of
the valve. Examine the length of it for any signs of damage. Sharp bends, kinks or damage can cause
the thermocouple to not function correctly. If you find damage to the thermocouple contact Real
Flame at 1-800-654-1704 for a replacement.
Clogged or Obstructed Burner
It is common for bugs, especially spiders, to make webs or nests inside of burner tubes. If it seems
like you are getting low or no gas flow, visually check all openings in the burner for signs of clogs. If
you see anything clogging the burner try using compressed air to remove the debris.
Out of Gas
Be sure that your tank is not empty. Low tanks can result in lower flames.
Cold Temperatures
Cold temperatures outside may result in lower tank pressures causing the flames to be lower. Do not
use your fire table in extreme temperature conditions. Allow the temperature of your tank to rise
and as the pressure in the tank increases the flame size will increase. NEVER heat your tank; allow it
to warm up naturally.
High Winds
Your fire table is designed to operate in winds up to 10 mph. High winds may cause the flame to
blow out. Do not operate your fire table in high wind conditions.
Make sure flame
is contacting this.
You should see this
spark when pushing
the igniter button.
Igniter Housing
removed for visibility
If you continue to have problems with your fire table please
contact Real Flame customer service at : 1-800-654-1704
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