1.) Install the AAA battery as shown in the diagram below
2.) Place (lava rock, glass filler, other) by hand. Do not dump the bag into the burner
area, or directly onto the burner to avoid clogging the burner with dust. Position the filler
material across the burn area to a level 1” above the burner. Make sure that you do not
block the igniter housing with filler to ensure proper ignition and operation.
If using glass filler Real Flame suggests placing a layer of lava rock down first around the
burner then adding glass on top of that to improve airflow to the burner.
Lava Rock and Glass Filler Warning
1. Do not overfill the burner area with rock or glass filler; use only the specified amount. The depth
of the filler should not be more than one inch above the burner tube. Only Real Flame filler products
have been certified and tested for safe use with this Real Flame fire table. Using other filler material
may result in increased popping and cracking or increased carbon monoxide emissions.
2. Do not light or use this fire table if the filler is wet. Ensure filler is completely dry before lighting.
Intense heat can cause wet filler to explode and hit someone causing injury.
3. Keep away from the fire table for at least 20 minutes during initial start-up as filler could retain
moisture from manufacturing and shipping.
Igniter box
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