4.) Connect the LP Gas Tank
Before connection, be sure there is no debris caught in the
collar of the gas cylinder, the regulator valve or the burner
and burner ports.
Connect the gas line to the tank by turning the connection
knob clockwise. Hand tighten only.
To disconnect the LP tank, make sure the valve on the LP
gas tank is completely closed.
Disconnect the connection knob by turning it counter-
clockwise until it is detached from the valve.
Place the LP tank 56” away from the fire table and
locate the hose away from pathways or places where
it could become damaged.
Watch your step while moving between the tank and
the fire table. Be careful not to trip on the hose.
3.) Place the tank seat on the ground and place a 20 lb. propane tank into the
designated area in the center. Once the tank is level and steady, tighten down the
screw on the side of the tank seat to secure the tank in place.
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