Before using this fire table, make sure you have read, understand, and are following all information
provided in this manual. Failure to follow these instructions could cause property damage, serious
injury or death.
Make a leak check solution by mixing one part dish-washing soap with three parts water in a spray
Make sure that the control knob on the fire table is in the OFF position, then connect your fire
table to a LP gas tank and turn the tank’s valve on.
Spray leak solution on the valve connections, paying particular attention to the areas indicated in
the diagrams below by arrows.
If bubbles appear, close the tank valve, disconnect the tank, and inspect all connections making
sure threads are clear of debris. Reconnect the LP tank and re-test. If you continue to see bubbles,
turn the LP gas tank o, disconnect it and call Real Flame at 1-800-654-1704 for assistance.
If no bubbles appear after one minute, wipe away excess leak solution and proceed to the next
Checking for Leaks
Pay close attention to the areas indicated by the arrows
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