Upgrade to Fireware v12.5.1 Update 1
Release Notes 13
Upgrade to Fireware v12.5.1 Update 1
Important Information about the upgrade process:
lWe recommend you use Fireware Web UIto upgrade to Fireware v12.x.
lWe strongly recommend that you save a local copy of your Firebox configuration and create a Firebox
backup image before you upgrade.
lIf you use WatchGuard System Manager (WSM), make sure your WSM version is equal to or higher
than the version of Fireware OS installed on your Firebox and the version of WSM installed on your
Management Server. Also, make sure to upgrade WSM before you upgrade the version of Fireware OS
on your Firebox.
lIf your Firebox has Fireware v12.1.1 or later, the Firebox might temporarily disable some security
services to free up enough memory to successfully perform a backup. To learn more, see Backup and
Restore for XTM 25, XTM 26, and Firebox T10.
If you want to upgrade a Firebox T10 device, we recommend that you reboot your Firebox
before you upgrade. This clears your device memory and can prevent many problems
commonly associated with upgrades in those devices. If your Firebox T10 has Fireware v12.1
or older, you might not be able to perform a backup before you upgrade the Firebox. This
occurs because the memory use by Fireware v12.1 or older does not leave enough memory
free to successfully complete the upgrade process on these devices. For these devices, we
recommend you save a copy of the .xml configuration file with a distinctive name, as
described here: Save the Configuration File.
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