Resolved Issues in APFirmware Update 8.8.0-192
Release Notes 5
lThe Firebox now correctly sends Branch Office VPN traffic through a tunnel route that includes a host
range. [FBX-16876]
lAutotask now opens and re-opens tickets successfully without the need to disable and re-enable
Autotask in your configuration. [FBX-17331]
Resolved Issues in APFirmware Update 8.8.0-192
lThe transmit power is now correctly reported for AP120 , AP320, and AP322 devices. [AP-489]
lAPs can now correctly connect to WatchGuard servers if they receive a DNS suffix from DHCP. [AP-
Enhancements and Resolved Issues in WSMand Fireware
lThe Send Notification action in proxy policies no longer creates an incorrect Temporarily blocking
host log message. [FBX-16477]
lPolicy Manager does not consistently mark the configuration as modified when you make configuration
changes in Network > Configuration.[FBX-15831]
lYou can now deploy a Firebox Cloud instance to an Availability Set in Microsoft Azure.[FBX-15943]
lThe Firebox no longer responds on TCP 443 when no policy is configured. [FBX-15626]
lPolicy Manager no longer displays an incorrect INTERNAL_ERROR message when you save the
configuration to Firebox Cloud. [FBX-16958, FBX-17427]
lYou can now add or edit an SD-WANaction in Policy Manager when the action includes interfaces that
do not have Link Monitoring configured. [FBX-17078]
lFirebox Cloud instances in Azure now load interfaces in the correct order after a reboot or upgrade. [FBX-
lThe list of interfaces for Link Monitoring now correctly updates when you delete a VLANinterface. [FBX-
lThe Firebox now generates meaningful log messages when it drops packets for a connection it is not
aware of. [FBX-16424]
Logging and Notification
lThis release resolve a snmpd crash that causes the Firebox to reboot unexpectedly. [FBX-16444]
lWatchGuard System Manager no longer persistently changes default authentication for Firebox to
Firebox-DB [FBX-17133]
lThe Mobile VPNwith SSLclient can download an updated version from the Firebox without error. [FBX-
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