Fire pit and embers must be completely cool before cleaning or
storing the unit. Never cover the fire pit before it has cooled.
Dispose of embers only after they have been completely
extinguished. Clean out embers after each use.
A soft cloth may be used to wipe o the fire pit and poker.
A mild dish washing detergent and water may be used to clean
surfaces of the fire pit.
Do not use oven cleaners or other abrasive cleaners as these will
damage the finish of the fire pit.
Store the unit in a cool and dry location when not in use.
Always use the vinyl cover when not using the fire pit.
To prolong the life of the fire pit, keep fires to a respectable size. If
a fire is too large it could damage the unit.
Use small pieces of dry kindling or natural fire starter to get the fire
going. Then slowly add larger pieces to the fire.
Do not use logs longer than 12” in length.
When you are finished using the fire pit, allow the fire to burn itself out.
Do not pour water on the fire as this could damage the fit pit. If the fire
cannot be allowed to go out on its own, use sand to extinguish the
flames. Clean out any sand before using the fire pit again.
Use only seasoned firewood for fires.
Never use gasoline, alcohol, or volatile fluids to start or restart fires.
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