Fireplace Installation
To prevent electrical shock this
unit is an electrical appliance
that is NOT watertight and must
be installed as to prevent water
from entering unit. This must be
installed away from showers, tubs,
etc. Never locate replace where
it may fall into a bathtub or other
water container.
Final Assembly
1. Locate and remove the 12
screws securing the partially
reflective glass bracket to
the unit, along the top of the
opening, and set bracket and
screws aside.
2. Remove the provided suction
cup from the inside cavity of
the unit (only for XLF74 and
XLF100 units).
3. Before installation ensure that
the front glass and the partially
reective glass are clean.
Particles can be removed by
dusting lightly with a clean dry
cloth. To remove ngerprints
or other marks, the glass
can be cleaned with a damp
cloth. Ensure that the glass
has completely dried before
4. Carefully secure the suction
cup to the partially reflective
glass, reflective side out, and
place into the openings on
either side of the unit.
5. Tip the glass into the unit and
using the removed screws
secure the glass into the unit
with the provided bracket
(Figure 3). Remove the suction
Figure 3
Partially Reective Glass
Retaining Bracket
Media Tray
Glass Openings
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