Remote Operation
The replace is supplied with an IR
multi-function remote control.
! NOTE: To operate correctly, the
remote control must be pointed
towards the front of the unit.
The unit can be controlled by
either the manual controls which
are located on the upper right of
the replace or the remote (Figure
5 & 6).
A. Standby
Turns the unit On and Off.
Activated by pressing the
Standby button on the remote
or the unit.
The unit will turn On with the
same functions that it was set
to when it was turned Off and
the intake temperature will be
indicated on the Display.
! NOTE: When any button is
pressed on the unit the intake
temperature will be displayed on
the Display for 7 seconds.
B. Flame Effects
Turns the Flame Effect On and Off.
Activated by pressing the
button on the remote.
General Operation
WARNING: This electric firebox
must be properly installed before it
is used.
This firebox operates with
Comfort$averTM technology,
which automatically adjusts the
fan speed and heater wattage to
safely and precisely match the
requirements of the room based on
the thermostat setting. The heater
operates such that once the room
reaches the set point, the fan and
heater will continuously run at a low
level, to maintain the desired room
temperature. If the temperature
in the room rises significantly, i.e.
sun coming through a window or a
central furnace turns on, the heater
will turn off and periodically turn
back on to circulate the air around
the unit, until the room temperature
drops and requires the heater to be
constantly on again.
! NOTE: The unit is designed so
that the fan will run continuously
while the heater is on.
! NOTE: The element retains
heat after shutdown, there is a built
in cool down period of 2 minute
before the fan shuts off completely,
when the heat function is turned
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