Activated and adjusted by
r e p e a t e d l y p r e s s i n g t h e
corresponding button on the
Indicated by the heater running
at full heat, for a user set amount
of time, to quickly heat up a cold
room/space. The Heat Boost
can be set for a maximum of 20
minutes, in 5 minute increments.
Disable Heat
If desired, depending on the
season, the heater on the unit can
be disabled. The function of the
remaining controls will continue to
function as outlined in this manual.
Pressing the and buttons
on the unit at the same time and
holding for 2 seconds will disable
and enable the heater.
! NOTE: When the heater has
been disabled and any of the heat
related functions are used, the
Display will indicate "---".
F. Color Themes
Different presets of lighting color
combinations are available in the
Changed by repeatedly pressing
the corresponding button on the
remote or the unit.
→ Adjusted by repeatedly pressing
the corresponding button on the
Indicated by the setpoint on
the Display increasing and the
speed of the fan increasing to
increase the amount of heat
being projected into the room.
* The rst time the button is pressed
the current temperature set point
will be displayed for 2 seconds.
** The temperature can be adjusted
from 5 °C to 37 °C (41 °F to 99
! NOTE: Holding the and
the buttons down for two
seconds, on the unit, will change
the temperature scale from °C to
°F, or vice versa.
F. Eco Operation
Runs the heater in a reduced
wattage range when activated.
Adjusted by pressing the
corresponding button on the
remote when the heater is on.
Indicated by the Display and a
reduced fan speed.
G. Heat Boost
Turns the Heater Boost On and
Off. Runs the unit at the full rated
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