is displayed.
The Display will display the
different times as it is adjusted.
Once the timer has begun,
pressing the button will display
the time remaining before the
unit turns Off.
! NOTE: The Sleep Timer can be
cancelled at any time by pressing
the button repeatedly until the
sleep timer displays nothing.
Resetting the Temperature
Cutoff Switch
Should the heater overheat, an
automatic cut out will turn the whole
unit off and it will not come back on
without being reset. If the button
on the unit is pressed, Er2 will be
displayed on the unit. It can be
reset by turning the unit off at the
main disconnect panel and waiting
5 minutes before turning the unit
back on.
CAUTION: If you need to
continuously reset the heater, turn
the unit off at the main disconnect
panel and call technical support.
Cycles through the different
preset light settings of the
unit, this includes different
combinations of colors of the
ame base and media lighting.
! NOTE: Two of the themes in
the cycle are a prism where the
unit cycles through a variety of
colors. Pressing the stops the
cycling and holds the unit on the
preferred color, indicated by a solid
circle. When the unit is on prism,
and is cycling through the colors,
a rotating circle will be displayed.
G. Brightness
Changes the Brightness of the
lights in the unit.
→ Adjusted by repeatedly pressing
the corresponding button on the
remote or the unit.
Indicated by the second digit on
the Display changing to show:
"H" (high), and "L" (low).
H. Sleep Timer
The Sleep Timer can be set to
automatically shut off the replace
after a preset time (from 30 minutes
to 8 hours).
To set the timer press the
timer button on the remote,
repeatedly, until the desired time
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