Remote Control Battery
To replace the Battery:
1. Slide battery cover open on the
remote control.
2. Correctly install one 3 Volt
(CR2032 [longer life] or
CR2025) Battery in the
battery holder.
3. Close the battery cover.
Battery must be recycled or
disposed of properly. Check
with your Local
Authority or Retailer for recycling
advice in your area
WARNING: Disconnect power
and allow heater to cool before
attempting any maintenance or
cleaning to reduce the risk of
re, electric shock or damage to
! NOTE: The replace
should not be operated with an
accumulation of dust or dirt on or in
the unit, as this can cause a build
up of heat and eventual damage.
For this reason the heater must
be inspected regularly, depending
upon conditions and at a minimum
yearly intervals.
Partially Reective Glass
The partially reective glass is
cleaned in the factory during
the assembly operation. During
shipment, installation, handling,
etc., the partially reective glass
may collect dust particles; these
can be removed by dusting lightly
with a clean dry cloth.
To remove ngerprints or other
marks, the partially reective
glass can be cleaned with a damp
cloth. The partially reective glass
should be completely dried with
a lint free cloth to prevent water
spots. To prevent scratching, do
not use abrasive cleaners.
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