CAUTION: Ensure installation
does not allow replace to be in
direct contact with building vapor
barrier or insulation and meets all
local building code.
!NOTE: A dedicated, properly
fused 13 Amp circuit is required,
rated for the appropriate voltage
WARNI NG: C o n s t r u c t i o n
and wiring must comply with
local building codes and other
applicable regulations to reduce
the risk of re, electric shock
and injury to persons.
WARNING: To reduce the risk
of re, electric shock or injury to
persons, always use a licensed
WARNING: To reduce the risk of
re, do not store or use gasoline or
other ammable vapors or liquids in
the vicinity of the heater.
1. Select a location that is not
susceptible to moisture and is
away from drapes, furniture and
high trafc.
2. Unpack the replace and
hardware from the box.
!NOTE: Leave the front glass
and partially reective glass,
safely, in the box until the time you
Fireplace Installation
are ready to install it.
3. Store the replace in a safe,
dry and dust free location until
you are ready to install the
CAUTION: Two people will be
required for various steps of
this procedure.
This design of this unit allows three
options for installation: partial
recess, ush mounted or sub-
surface mounted.
CAUTION: Sub-surface
mounting should be limited to ½
in. (12 mm) to ensure adequate
air ow of heated air out of the
rebox area.
1. Prepare a wall with a framed
opening of 16 in. (40.6 cm)
XLF50 - 50 ⅝ in. (128.7 cm)
XLF74 - 74 ⅝ in. (189.7 cm)
XLF100 - 100 in. (255.7
cm) wide, with a bottom sill
that is a minimum of 4 in.
(10.2 cm) deep. The sill can
be constructed to support the
front of the unit to allow the
power supply wires to easily
be run behind or ush with the
back of the unit and a pass thru
NOTE: A 10 Amp, 230 – 240 Volt circuit is required.
A dedicated circuit is preferred but not essential in
all cases. A dedicated circuit will be required if, after
installation, the circuit breaker trips or fuse blows on
a regular basis when the heater is operating.
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