Fireplace Installation
hole drilled for electrical wire
!NOTE: It is recommended that
the bottom of the unit be mounted
between 30 in. (76.2 cm) and 40
in. (102 cm) from the ground to
maintain an optimized viewing
angle of the ame.
WARNING: Do not attempt to
wire your own new circuits. To reduce
the risk of re, electric shock or injury
to persons, always use a licensed
WARNING: Ensure that the
circuit on which the replace is to
be installed has the power cut off
at the service panel until installation
is complete.
2. The unit is provided with an
installed ¾ in. (2.0 cm) trim.
Depending on the installation,
this trim can be removed by
removing the securing screws
and the 4 trim pieces.
3. Lift replace, from the bottom
and the handles located on the
back, and insert into opening to
the desired depth.
4. Using a bubble level (supplied)
ensure that the replace is level
within the framing. Adjust as
5. Drive four supplied mounting
screws through the four
mounting holes located on the
inside surface of the replace
chassis, into wall studs (Figure
For Bathroom Use
If this unit is installed in a bathroom
it must be protected by a GFI
receptacle or circuit. If receptacle is
used it must be readily accessible.
Figure 2
Mounting Holes
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