Possible Cause 1: No Gas Flow.
-Check if the LP gas tank is empty. If empty, replace and refi ll. If the propane
tank is not empty, refer to “Problem: Sudden drop in gas fl ow” on the
following page.
Possible Cause 2: Coupling nut and regulator not fully connected.
-Turn the coupling nut about one half to three fourths a turn, until you
feel a solid stop. Do not use tools, tighten by hand only.
Possible Cause 3: Obstruction of gas fl ow.
- Check for bent or kinked hose.
Possible Cause 4: Spider webs or insect nest in the Venturi.
- Clean the Venturi.
Possible Cause 5: Burner ports clogged or blocked.
-Reference “Problem: Irregular fl ame pattern” on the
following page. Clean the burner ports as described
Possible Cause 1: Electrode and burners are wet.
-Wipe dry with cloth.
Possible Cause 2: Igniter battery is dead or backwards.
-Check that the AAA battery is inserted correctly in the igniter (see page 11) or replace the
Possible Cause 3: Igniter Pin cracked or broken - sparks at crack.
-Call Real Flame at 1-800-654-1704 for technical support.
Possible Cause 4: Wire loose or disconnected.
-Reference page 17, step 1, reconnect wire. Call Real Flame at 1-800-654-1704.
Possible Cause 5: Wire is shorting (sparking) between igniter and electrode.
-Call Real Flame at 1-800-654-1704 for support.
Possible Cause 6: Igniter Pin not pointing at thermocouple.
-Reference page 18, turn electrode to point at
the thermocouple.
Possible Cause 7: Bad Igniter.
-Call Real Flame at 1-800-654-1704 for
Problem: Burner will not light using igniter
For Technical Support Contact Real Flame at: 1-800-654-1704
Problem: The Fire Table emits a lot of black smoke when in use
Problem: Burner will not light with match
Possible Cause 1: Hose from gas fi replace is pinched.
-Make sure the hose is not pinched between the
re table and the source of the gas.
Possible Cause 2: Flame is being obstructed at burner ports.
-Make sure that the gas ports on the burner are free
of any lava rocks so that the fl ame can fl ow naturally.
Burner P
urner Ports
Igniter Pin
Thermocouple Burner
Burner Por
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