Figure (1) Remove bottom louvre door by
releasing spring loaded catch on left side.
Figure (3) Undo the door locating clips on
each side of the door.
Re-installation of glass door is reverse of above.
N.B. Ensure sealing rope is sitting securely in track prior to fitting door.
Figure (2) Remove top louvres by removing
the screws on each side.
Figure (4) Pull door outwards at the bottom
and then lift the door up and remove from
Figure (5) Remove box containing logset, and
unpack. Place the large log at the
rear of the firebox between the 2
location tabs.
Figure (6) Place the coals on top of the white
ceramic blanket.
Ensure front row of coals are placed
10 - 12mm away from the front grille.
Figure (8) Place the 2 straight logs as shown
Figure (7) Place the 2 ‘Y’ shaped logs as
shown, the larger on the left. Position
the ‘Y’ end of the logs towards the
front of the heater. N.B. 600 model
has only 1 ‘Y’ shaped log.
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