Figure (9) Install the metal angle at the rear of
the fireplace and place one row of
pebbles behind the burner rail.
Figure (10) Place pebbles between the first row
and the angled tray.
To install pebbles follow the installation instructions as per figures 1 to 4 above, and then proceed
as follows (figures 9 to 11)
Figure (11) Place remaining pebbles up the
angle of the rear tray so as the tray
is hidden.
Note: Keep pebbles clear of burner rail.
Note: If a coals only configuration is being used, use the same set up as pebbles.
Replace the glass front to its original position.
Fit the trim to the front of the heater.
Light the unit following the procedure on pages 19-21.
Test the unit for safe operation and show customer correct operating procedures.
Test for spillage.
Perform pressure test.
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