This page does not include every issue resolved in a release.
Issues discovered in internal testing or beta testing are not usually included in this list.
Resolved Issues in Fireware v12.5.3 Update 1
lIn Fireware Web Setup Wizard, the Cloud-Managed configuration option has been removed. This option
is not yet supported by WatchGuard Cloud. [FBX-19498]
lThis release improves memory management for RDP sessions and resolves several issues that caused
Access Portal to crash. [FBX-12318, FBX-19200, FBX-19108, FBX-19319, FBX-12734, FBX-19306]
lSeveral WatchGuard Cloud and TPM related fixes are included in this release to help with initial Firebox
registration to the WatchGuard Cloud. [FBX-18974, FBX-19211, FBX-19162, FBX-18948]
lFirewall traffic handling is improved to reduce CPU load and prevent slow web browsing on appliances
handling network traffic of over 1Gbps between Interfaces. [FBX-18666]
lAccess Portal login/logout behavior is improved, and page login error handling of 403 messages is
corrected. [FBX-18713, FBX-19183, FBX-15570, FBX-19295]
lThe Firebox IKED process no longer generates excessive log messages for "invalid SPI message".
lVirtual interface (VIF) route metrics no longer stay at 255 when VIF is up and active. [FBX-18725]
lThis release resolves a kernel crash on the FireCluster Backup Master. [FBX-17996]
lThe HTTP proxy no longer stalls when handling HEAD requests that include 'Transfer-Encoding:
chunked'. [FBX-19140]
lThe HTTP Proxy now handles HEAD requests where response code is 401(Unauthorized). [FBX-19238]
lRegex handling for predefined HTTPS Proxy exception rules is improved. [FBX-18997, FBX-19190]
lThis release resolves an issue with the Authentication process while handling RADIUS authentication
requests. [FBX-17115]
Enhancements and Resolved Issues in WSMand Fireware
lThe Web Setup Wizard includes two new configuration methods to enable a Firebox to download a
configuration file with RapidDeploy and WatchGuard Cloud.[FBX-17702]
lWi-Fi is now enabled by default on all Firebox wireless models that start with factory-default settings.
lNewer Firebox models now include a TPM (Trusted Platform Module) secure crypto-processor chip.
When you enable WatchGuard Cloud on a Firebox that supports TPM, you no longer need to add the
WatchGuard Cloud Verification Code.
Supported Fireboxes: Firebox T15/35/55, Firebox M270/M370/M470/M570/M670. [FBX-18311]
lFireware v12.5.3 supports the latest Autotask API updates. For more information, see this knowledge
base article.[FBX-18254]
lThis release adds UI support for the new AP225W Wall Plate Access Point. [FBX-17446]
lFirebox disk statistics are now available through the Fireware command line interface (CLI). [FBX-18363]
lFireware v12.5.3 includes configuration changes to support the future APAC cloud region for TDR. [FBX-
Resolved Issues in Fireware v12.5.3 Update 1
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