Enhancements and Resolved Issues in WSMand Fireware v12.5.3
Release Notes 5
lBackup image file names in Policy Manager and Fireware Web UI are now restricted to the
alphanumeric and the special characters: (-, space, _, ., +).. [FBX-18664, FBX-18665]
lA CSRF vulnerability in Fireware Web UI > Support Access page is now resolved. [FBX-17575]
lA code injection vulnerability in Fireware Web UI is now resolved. [FBX-17574]
lFireboxes no longer have Daylight Savings Time applied to the Brasilia (GMT -3:00) time zone. [FBX-
lThis release resolves an issue that caused some Fireboxes to intermittently disconnect from
WatchGuard Cloud. [FBX-17015]
lAn invalid Blocked Sites entry no longer causes blocking failure. [FBX-18169]
lThe Blocked Sites list has increased in size to allow a larger number of blocked network IP addresses.
lUpdates to the Gateway AntiVirus engine on a FireCluster Backup Master no longer cause unexpected
reboots of that member. [FBX-18558, FBX-18678]
lThis release resolves a FireCluster crash issue that caused Firebox System Manager and Fireware Web
UI to fail to display complete information. [FBX-16282]
lCluster management IP address configuration is now validated against VLAN configuration. [FBX-13218]
Proxies and Security Services
lWhen you use OpenProtocols Connector for Outlook, IMAP proxy connections no longer time out. [FBX-
lRouting Actions in proxies are now correctly applied when the proxy destination address is unreachable.
lThis release resolves an issue that caused DNS request failures when you use Explicit Proxy. [FBX-
lThis release resolves an issue with HTTP Basic Authentication responding with an HTTP ERROR 401
code. [FBX-18206]
lThe HTTPS Proxy now shows a certificate warning if the CA Certificate does not exist on the Firebox.
lAPT Blocker now correctly scans Android APK files. [FBX-17230]
lPassword protected archive files created in 7-Zip v19 are now correctly identified by Gateway AntiVirus.
lOnly users with administrative privileges are prompted to upgrade if a new version of the Mobile VPN
with SSL client is available on the Firebox. This only applies to users whose VPN client software has
been updated to v12.5.3 or higher. [FBX-4043]
lTo make sure Office 365 traffic uses a full-tunnel SSL VPN, you can now enable the default-route-client
CLI option. [FBX-16838]
lThis release fixes an issue that caused the Mobile VPN with SSL client to crash. [FBX-18538]
lMobile VPN with SSL client connections are no longer affected by the client log level. [FBX-17931]
lThe Mobile VPN with SSL client can now connect to the Firebox backup IP address when the primary IP
address is unavailable. [FBX-16284]
lThis release resolves an IKED crash issue caused by Mobile VPN with IKEv2. [FBX-18140]
lYou can now connect multiple times with Mobile VPN with SSL using the same user account and from
the same origin IP address. [FBX-18378]
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