This release includes updates to the localization for the management user interfaces (WSM application suite
and Web UI) through Fireware v12.5.2. UI changes introduced since v12.5.2 might remain in English.
Supported languages are:
lFrench (France)
lSpanish (Latin American)
Note that most data input must still be made using standard ASCII characters. You can use non-ASCII
characters in some areas of the UI, including:
lProxy deny message
lWireless hotspot title, terms and conditions, and message
lWatchGuard Server Center users, groups, and role names
Although some other Web UI and Policy Manager fields might accept Unicode characters,
problems can occur if you enter non-ASCII characters in those fields.
Any data returned from the device operating system (e.g. log data) is displayed in English only. Additionally, all
items in the Fireware Web UI System Status menu and any software components provided by third-party
companies remain in English.
Fireware Web UI
The Web UI will launch in the language you have set in your web browser by default.
WatchGuard System Manager
When you install WSM, you can choose what language packs you want to install. The language displayed in
WSM will match the language you select in your Microsoft Windows environment. For example, if you use
Windows 10 and want to use WSM in Japanese, go to Control Panel > Language and select Japanese as your
Display Language.
Dimension, WebCenter, Quarantine Web UI, and Wireless Hotspot
These web pages automatically display in whatever language preference you have set in your web browser.
The latest version of localized Fireware Help is available from WatchGuard Help Center. In the top-right of a
Fireware Help page, click the Globe icon and select your language from the drop-down list.
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