lTo prevent Mobile VPN login issues, the Firebox now automatically converts Mobile VPN with SSL and
IKEv2 Groups that are not configured correctly. [FBX-19960]
lTraffic that traverses a BOVPN Virtual Interface is no longer processed as Unhandled if the interface
name starts with a +or *character. [FBX-20098]
lFirebox System Manager now correctly displays authenticated mobile VPN users in the Front Panel.
lThis release resolves a crash in the iked process that occurred when source ports change in
established mobile VPN connections. [FBX-19399]
Gateway Wireless Controller
lThe Gateway Wireless Controller now displays the correct number of connected users after an AP
firmware upgrade to v8.9.0-63. [FBX-20124]
lIn Firebox System Manager, the Gateway Wireless Controller tab now correctly shows the firmware
version for each AP. [FBX-18212]
Enhancements and Resolved Issues in WSM and Fireware v12.6.2
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