Enhancements and Resolved Issues in Fireware v12.5.4
lIn WSM 12.6.1, Policy Manager now includes an OS Compatibility setting for Fireware v12.6 or higher.
WatchGuard Management Server also now supports Device Configuration Templates for Fireware
v12.6 or higher. [FBX-18048]
lDevice Configuration Templates now support Default Packet Handling settings. [FBX-5779]
lThe Firebox now only sends diagnostic log messages to WatchGuard Cloud when Support Access is
enabled. The diagnostic log messages are not visible in WatchGuard Cloud. For more information, see
this knowledge base article.[FBX-16749]
lThe Fireware Web Setup Wizard now includes the Cloud-Managed (Beta) configuration option. This
option is not yet supported by WatchGuard Cloud. [FBX-19532]
lA problem has been resolved that caused pending CSR certificates to remain present after successful
WatchGuard Cloud registration. [FBX-17225]
lWatchGuard Cloud device monitoring no longer generates extraneous error messages when monitoring
WatchGuard Cloud appliances. [FBX-18133]
lWhen an IP address is automatically added to the Blocked Sites list, an event log is now generated with
the reason it was auto-blocked. [FBX-17520]
lYou can now successfully add an entry to the Blocked Sites list that includes a wildcard FQDN. [FBX-
lThis release resolves a memory leak in the homer process. [FBX-19481]
lThe SNMP Counter64 object is no longer restricted to 32-bit boundaries. This resolves a connection
count display issue in the CLI. [FBX-18325]
lAn issue that caused an RDP connection freeze is resolved. [FBX-19200]
lSeveral potentialbackup failure scenarios are resolved.[FBX-19089, FBX-19564]
lSeveral issues related to logging and error message displays are resolved. [FBX-19154, FBX-19242]
lIn RADIUS Server Settings, the default Dead Time value is now 10 minutes. The new default setting
only applies to new configurations. [FBX-4448]
lEvent Log Monitor now supports the Microsoft Windows Event Log API. [FBX-16551]
lYou can now successfully save your configuration from Fireware Web UI after you disable the
secondary RADIUS server settings. [FBX-5152]
lAuthentication for an account in multiple groups now works correctly.[FBX-19402]
SSO Agent v12.5.4 supports Fireware v12.5.4 or higher only. Before you install SSOAgent
v12.5.4, you must upgrade the Firebox to Fireware v12.5.4 or higher. If you install SSO Agent
v12.5.4, we recommend that you upgrade all SSO Clients to v12.5.4.
You cannot use SSO Client v12.5.4 with versions of the SSO Agent lower than v12.5.4.
Fireware v12.5.4 supports previous versions of the SSO Agent.
Enhancements and Resolved Issues in Fireware v12.5.4
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