Enhancements and Resolved Issues in AP Firmware Update 8.9.0-63
Release Notes 5
lThe Firebox now supports dynamic DNS through Cloudflare. [FBX-17815]
lThe default multi-WAN method is now Failover. The new default method only applies to new
configurations. [FBX-16809]
lIn SD-WAN Metrics Settings, the default value for Latency is now 400ms and the default value for Jitter
is now 100ms. The new default settings only apply to new configurations. [FBX-16815]
lA problem has been resolved that caused many network_v debug messages to appear in the log file.
lThis release resolves a networkd process crash. [FBX-18065]
lWireless clients can now obtain DHCP IP address information after a Rogue AP scan is completed on
Firebox Wireless devices. [FBX-15530]
lFireware Web UI now correctly displays DHCP lease information. [FBX-16566]
lThe tabletop Firebox Wireless hostapd process now better handles process shutdown and recovery.
lThis release resolves a crash in the DHCPv6 process. [FBX-18694]
Proxies and Security Services
lspamBlocker now uses a new engine that improves performance. [FBX-17268]
lAPT Blocker now correctly scans HWP and ISO files. [FBX-17493, FBX-13133]
lThe Firebox Configuration Report now includes spamBlocker settings and exceptions for SMTPproxy
actions, and WebBlocker exceptions for WebBlocker actions. [FBX-15911, FBX-15914]
lThe WebBlocker Server Timeout setting has been updated with a new default range of 15-600 seconds.
This change applies after you save a configuration to your device from WSM v12.6.1. [FBX-16536]
lIn Policy Manager, in the Policy Properties dialog box, the SD-WAN Action drop-down list now shows
the full name of SD-WAN actions. [FBX-15219]
lThis release adds TDR Host Sensor Enforcement for mobile VPN connections from hosts to the
Firebox. [FBX-17530, FBX-17532]
lThis release adds an option to specify a custom maximum transmission unit (MTU) for BOVPN virtual
interfaces. [FBX-15920]
lBOVPN and BOVPN virtual interface configurations now support hex-based pre-shared keys. [FBX-
lVPN connections are no longer disrupted during normal IKE rekey operations. [FBX-19406]
lThis release adds a Command Line Interface option to disable the Mobile VPN with SSL Client
Download page hosted by the Firebox. [FBX-135]
lAll virtual IP addresses are now correctly used with Mobile VPN. [FBX-19320]
lThe timeout to establish an IKEv2 connection is now configurable through the CLI. [FBX-19386]
lThis release includes an updated installation script for Mobile VPN with IKEv2. The script no longer fails
when Windows Group Policy Objects specify digital signature restrictions for PowerShell scripts. [FBX-
Enhancements and Resolved Issues in AP Firmware Update
lAdded support for AP325 revision B hardware.
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