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Recommended Silicon Non-acetic, neutral cure
150degc or higher temperature rated. Bostik RTV
926 or similar.
Apply an 8mm thick silicon bead fully around
heater connection approx. 10mm from the top.
Apply an 8mm thick silicon bead fully around the
lower fan connection spigot approx. 10mm from
the end.
Apply an 8mm silicon bead fully around the inside
of the flue end (heater connection end)
Fit flue clamp over flue (loosely).
Slide flue onto connection spigot fully. Tighten
clamp fully. Wipe excess silicon, visually check
connection to ensure connection is fully sealed.
Repeat above with air intake flue pipe to heater
Clip flues as required to provide adequate
Connection to wall mounted fan terminal
Predrill mounting holes into wall.
Remove cover from fan terminal
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