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Insulation requirements for flue runs
Insulation is used for rooftop termination installations only
The insulation supplied is in lengths of 1000mm
The termination must be installed at a minimum height of 350mm from the lowest point of the
termination to closest point on the roof (Refer image above)
The termination’s spigot and the roof penetration pipe is 250mm in diameter.
Flue length
Insulation Requirement
0 - 5 mts
Uninsulated flue run
5 8.5 mts
Insulated flue run *
* For 5 - 8.5-meter flue runs, only the supplied insulation must be used and only the exhaust pipe is
to be insulated. The initial 300mm from the appliance exit and the last 700mm from the rooftop
termination may remain uninsulated. However, it is recommended to insulate as much of the
total length as possible.
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