16 | P a g e
Rooftop fan module Terminal must be installed
with clearances as specified by AS/NZS 5601.1
Clause 6.9.3
Run exhaust flue and air intake flue as required
Maximum run 8.5mts. Flues can be run next to
each other. Maintain the required clearances to
Insulate flue for runs over 5mts as required.
Rigid glass wool insulation with 25mm wall
The insulation is pre-slit and can be fitted around
the flue pipe like a collar
It can also be cut to required size to fit around sharp
Run both flexi pipes from the appliance to the roof
Fit insulation on the flexi pipe as shown.
Use aluminium tape to seal the insulation and
ensure its fit snug to the pipe.
Cut insulation to required sizes to fit around
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