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Insert the roof penetration and fix firmly to the roof
structure using appropriate supports.
The roof penetration flue is a 250mm rigid flue.
Fit the access panel to the roof penetration
Use the screw holes fix the access panel to the roof
Run flue pipes through the access cut outs before
fitting the termination on for ease of installation.
(The picture is a reference only. Take care not to
flex/bend the pipe too sharply and risk slitting the
If possible to insulate the flue pipe through the roof
penetration, then fit insulation to the exhaust pipe.
Fit the termination on to the access panel and
match the rivet holes to rivet the termination to the
access panel.
Use only the rivets provided
On the termination end - Fit clamp loosely & apply
silicon inside the pipes. Apply an 8mm silicon bead
fully around the inside of the flue and on the flue
spigot. Smear smoothly around the surfaces.
Recommended Silicon Non-acetic, neutral cure
200°C or higher temperature rated. Bostik RTV 922
or similar
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