19 | P a g e
Slide flue onto connection spigot fully. Tighten
clamp fully. Wipe excess silicon, visually check
connection to ensure connection is fully sealed.
Ensure that the pipes are connected correctly and
are not inverted.
Use the labels to identify exhaust and intake spigots
Connect the fan power cable from the appliance to
the termination.
Ensure the cable is clamped only to the intake pipe
to secure the cable from hanging loose & touching
the hot flue gases pipe.
Use the clamp provided. The clamp can be opened
like a collar and fitted around on the flue.
Flex collar and fit around the access panel. Socket
the collar all the way up close to the air intake slots
Ensure there is a rubber seal top and bottom of the
Use only the screws provided to tightly fit the collar
to seal the access panel.
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