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Notes (continued):
2. Pre plastering, the installer shall install the termination (vertical or horizontal) run the twin 75mm
ID flues from the termination to inside the frame out (label them exhaust and intake) and
terminate 500mm from the base. Do ot fi. A 5 / oppe oetio should the e
fixed to the gas line with 90 deg elbow and tail that will be able to be pulled into the front right
hand corner of the appliance at pre hand over stage. The control loom should be fitted at the
fan motor and run into the frame out and terminate to the front left hand side of the base. Coil
any excess at this point. The frame out can now be plastered and finished.
3. For pre hand over final install, the plaster should be cut out using the template supplied. Then
sit the appliance in position on the base. Push the left hand side of the appliance back allowing
room to plug the 3 pin lead into the GPO provided and to connect the control loom. Then return
appliance to square and push the right side back to retrieve the 15mm gas connection, feed it
into the hole provided. Now pull the 2 x 75mm ID flues onto the spigots at the rear of the fire, fix
and tighten. (Ensure you connect the intake and exhaust to the correct spigot). Pull the
appliance back to square and fit off the gas connection.
Follow the commissioning procedures noted on page 31 and fit off the front glass and trim set.
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