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Continuous pilot/intermittent pilot (CPI/IPI) selection
With the sste i OFF positio, pess the ode ke to ide to the CPI ode io. Pessig the Up ao
key will activate the Continuous Pilot Ignition mode (CPI). Pressing the
Do ao ke ill etu to IPI. A sigle eep ill ofi eeptio of the oad.
NOTE: This fire is designed to run in IPI mode (Intermittent Pilot). The fire is factory preset to operate in this
Should the fire or remote need factory resetting, the IPI mode must be re-selected. Should the remote be in
CPI mode or the pilot remains constantly on, please contact Glen Dimplex or your installer to correct the
Key Lock
This function will lock the keys to avoid unsupervised operation. To activate this function, press the Mode
and Up keys at the same time. To de-activate this function, press the Mode and Up keys at the same time.
Low battery power detection - transmitter
The life span of the remote control batteries depends on various factors: quality of the batteries used, the
number of ignitions of the appliance, the number of changes to the room thermostat set point, etc.
When the transmitter batteries are low, a battery icon will appear on the LCD display of the transmitter
before all battery power is lost. When the batteries are replaced this icon will disappear.
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