42 | P a g e
Possible Cause
When remote is
activated nothing
Remote not talking to receiver
• Liste fo eep fo sigal eig eeied
• Chek poe to appliae is o
• Chek atteries in remote
• Repoga eote to eeie
Fire cuts off and will
not relight
Over temperature safety has
• Allo fie to ool ad eattept igitio.
• Chek oo fa is ot loked.
• Chek fie aiflo is ot estited
Flame appears low or
excessively high
Incorrect gas or pressure
Check test point pressure and supply
pressure to appliance.
• Chek gas tpe
• Replae ale if euied
• Chek ijeto fo lokage ad size
Smell in room while
Paint curing or firebox door leak
If new appliance - run for several hours,
open all room ventilation and allow
paint to cure.
Turn off appliance and the have door
seal inspected by service personnel or
Real Flame agent.
Room air fan is noisy
or not working
Faulty or dirty fan
• Fa to e ispeted ad leaed
• Replae fa
Appliance operates
correctly but pilot
remains constantly on.
Remote IPI/CPI incorrectly set
• Coet eote otol ode to IPI
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