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Valve, pilot injector, burner, main burner injector and burner aeration cap must be changed to suit gas type.
1. Turn appliance off.
2. Turn gas supply off.
3. Remove trim.
4. Disconnect gas pipe from isolation valve to burner.
5. Remove retaining nuts from electrical tray and slide tray forward.
6. Disconnect gas pipe from valve outlet.
7. Disconnect valve wires from ignition pack.
8. Remove valve from electrical tray (3 retaining screws)
9. Remove gas pipe connections from valve and fit to correct gas type valve.
10. Reattach valve to mounting plate.
11. Reconnect valve wires from ignition pack.
12. Reconnect gas pipe to the valve outlet and the inlet pipe.
13. Slide electrical tray into position and attach / tighten retaining nuts.
14. Connect gas pipe to isolation valve.
15. Ensure all connections are tight.
16. Connect gas and leak test connections up to the gas valve.
1. Remove firebox door (6 screws)
2. Remove media from firebox.
3. Remove rear media support.
4. Remove front media support (2 screws accessed from electrical area)
5. Lift out front media support
6. Loosen retaining nut from end of burner and lift burner out.
7. Remove injector and replace with correct gas type injector, ensure injector is tightened into holder.
8. Unclip pilot head and lift off.
9. Undo pilot spud using Allen key from above
10. Refit correct pilot spud, fully tighten
11. Refit fit pilot head and clip into place
12. Fit correct aeration cap to the correct burner.
13. Refit burner try to rotate burner to ensure burner is in its location slot. Replace holding nut at end
of burner and tighten to secure the burner.
14. Refit front media support
15. Refit media as per media setup (refer previous section in instructions)
16. Refit firebox door.
17. Fit manometer to TPP.
18. Set pilot adjustment screw as recommended in PILOT ADJUSTMENT SECTION.
19. Start appliance and check for gas leaks.
20. Start appliance and check burner pressure.
21. Check appliance for correct flame operation
22. Remove manometer and tighten gas test point.
23. Check for gas leaks.
24. Check door and appliance for spillage or CO leakage.
25. Turn appliance off.
26. Refit front trim.
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