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Select a location where the fire can be supervised during operation.
An electrical isolation switch must be fitted at the appliance or on an adjacent wall to allow for emergency
shutdown and maintenance.
Installation must meet Australian gas codes AS/NZS 5601.
INSTALLATION CLEARANCES Clearances from combustible materials
Floor - 0mm Sides - 5mm Top - 5mm
Flue outer - 25mm Front - 250mm Back - 25mm
Installers Please ensure the installation and instruction manuals supplied with this appliance are supplied
to the customer and the customer is trained on how to operate the appliance correctly.
Do not modify the appliance.
Do not exceed maximum rated pressures.
Appliance must be installed as per gas installation code (AS/NZS 5601) and applicable electrical installation
code (AS3000).
Test for gas leaks prior to operating appliance. Check gas pressures and adjust if incorrect.
WARNING - Transit material such as cardboard packaging, pallet, plastic wrap, glass packaging warning
labels and burner media protection must be removed prior to use.
1. Wall mount powerflue module: Flue configurations are a maximum of 5m, flue runs less than 5m are
2. Rooftop powerflue termination: Flue configurations are a maximum of 8.5m, flue runs less than
8.5m are permitted. Refer Rooftop termination section for more details and installation instructions.
Aluminium flexible flue is used for both the inlet and outlet.
Flue runs 5m or 8.5m or less (75mm diameter Aluminium flexi flue)
Inlet pipe - Maximum flue run 5m or 8.5m total length including 5 x 90 bends
Outlet pipe - Maximum flue run 5m or 8.5m total length including 4 x 90 bends
Appliance is supplied with a 2 x 5m or 2 x 8.5m flexible flue lengths. Flue can be cut to length as
Recommended bend radius 150mm or larger. Bends must not form a P Trap.
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