ASAHI AV VALVES Installation Operation and Maintenance Manual
Butterfly Valves Type57L-IS (Lug style) 13
<< Disassembly >>
1) Drain fluid completely from the pipeline.
2) Leave the valve slightly opened.
3) Loosen the connecting bolts and nuts.
4) Remove the valve from the pipeline.
Lever Type
5) To remove handle [16], first take off the cap [24] by using screw driver (–)
and release bolt [21] by using socket wrench, then pull up the handle [16]
while holding handle lever [17].
6) To take off locking plate [22], release 4 self-tapping screws [23] by using
screw driver (+) and take off stem holder [8].
Gear Type
7) Loosen set bolt [28] for gear box [25] and pull off the gear box upward with
gasket [158].
8) To take off stem holder [8]. Release 4 tapping screws [157] by using screw
driver (+).
Lever & Gear Type
9) Hold flat surface of Stem [7] with vise and pull off valve body [1].
10) (A) Set the valve body [1] on square lumbers at edges of valve body on the
press and put a lumber on the disc [2].
Operate the press slowly and push disc [2] and seat [3] out if the valve body [1].
(B) Set the valve body [1] on square lumbers at edges of valve body and put a
circular stick on the disc [2].
Strike the circular stick with a hammer and remove disc [2] and seat [3] out of
the valve body [1].
11) Set the disc [2] parallel to the working desk to half opened position. Push the seat [3], and remove the disc [2].
12) Remove the retaining ring [156] and the O-ring(C) [6] from the stem [7].
<< Assembly >>
1) Put the O-ring(C) [6] onto the stem [7].
2) Before starting assembly, grease (Silicone) should be spread on the top and bottom disc [2], the stem hole of the
seat [3] and the stem O-ring(C) [6].
3) Insert the retaining ring [156] into the upper side slot of the seat [3]. The upper side slot of seat [3] has larger
stem hole than lower side.
- Make certain tabs are properly aligned. Both upper and lower retaining rings [156] are identical.
Seat[3] Disc[2]
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