ASAHI AV VALVES Installation Operation and Maintenance Manual
Butterfly Valves Type57L-IS (Lug style) 14
4) Insert the stem [7] about 1/3 into the body [1]. Install the seat [3] into the body [1] by aligning upper seat stem hole
with the stem [7].
5) Collapse the left or right side of seat [3] in towards opposing side exposing lower stem hole by screw driver (–).
Install the retaining ring [156] into the body [1] aligning tabs of ring with center groove of the body [1]. Seat [3]
tabs should line up when bottom of seat is reset into body of valve.
6) Remove the stem [7].
7) Reset the seat [3] into the body [1].
- Make certain retaining rings [156] sit flush inside of seat [3] with tabs properly aligned. If retaining
rings [156] are not installed correctly, the seat [3] will not sit in the body [1] properly. This is indicated
by a visible gap between seat [1] and body [1], and disc [2] will not fit properly.
8) To install disc [2], make certain valve size on disc [2] is in upright direction. Install top of disc [2] into seat [3]
aligning with upper stem hole.
9) Rotate disc [2] to 75% (Approx.) closed position and install stem [7] about 50% into the body [1].
10) Press in bottom of disc [2] to lower stem hole.
- Look into valve body [1] to be certain full square in disc [2] is centered with upper valve [1] stem hole.
If not, repeat step 8), 9), and 10).
Make certain line scribed on top of stem [7] indicates disc [2] position while installing stem [7].
11) Install the stem [7] into valve body [1] and disc [2]. If disc [2] is properly aligned, stem [7] should slide in smoothly.
If stem [7] does not slide in smoothly, repeat from step 8) to properly align the disc [2] in the valve body [1].
12) Install stem holder [8] onto valve body [1] with countersunk holes facing up using 4 screws [157].
13) To install lever or gear operator reverse disassembly procedure #5).
14) After assembly, make sure that the valve can be fully opened and closed smoothly.
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