When using this outdoor fire pit, use the same care as you
would with any open fire
WARNING Fire pit is for outdoor use only.
If you are installing this fire pit for
someone else, leave these
instructions with the owner.
Owners, keep this manual for
future reference.
This fire pit is not to be used
for cooking.
This fire pit is intended for outdoor use only. Do not use on
wooden decks, lawns or asphalt. High temperatures produced by
the fire could damage such surfaces.
Keep the fire pit a minimum of 15 feet away from buildings,
structures, vehicles, and any flammable items.
Never use under low hanging tree branches, trellises, or overhangs
of any kind including covered porches. Smoke and embers could
damage or ignite overhead objects and vegetation.
This fire pit is intended to burn wood logs only. Do not burn coal,
leaves, or other combustible materials in the unit.
This fire pit is not to be operated by anyone below age 18. Keep
children and pets away from the unit.
All parts of the fire pit will be hot during and after burning. Use with
caution. Do not touch the hot fire pit with bare hands. Allow the unit
to cool completely before touching.
Never leave the burning fire pit unattended, and always extinguish the
fire completely before leaving the unit.
Do not use near flammable or combustible objects or materials.
Never use gasoline, alcohol, or volatile fluids to start or restart fires.
Before each use, inspect the fire pit for signs of wear or damage. Do
not use the unit if any parts are damaged. Call technical support at
1-800-654-1704 for assistance.
When the fire pit is in use, the handle on the mesh screen can reach
extremely high temperatures that can cause serious injury to an
unprotected hand. Use a poker or an appropriate heat-resistant
glove when handling the screen.
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