The Real Flame “Landscape” is a ribbon burner space heater for use with Natural Gas Aus & NZ
and Propane.
The Real Flame warranty will be voided by, and Real Flame disclaims any responsibility for the
following actions:
Modification of the space heater and/or components including balanced flue assembly or
glass door.
Use of any component part not manufactured or approved by Real Flame in combination
with this “Landscape” fireplace system.
Installation other than as instructed in this manual.
Due to its high operating temperature, the appliance should be located out of traffic and
away from furniture and draperies.
Children and adults should be alerted to the hazards of the high surface temperature, which
could cause burns or clothing ignition.
Young children should be carefully supervised when they are in the same room as the
Clothing or other flammable materials must not be placed on or near the appliance.
Your appliance may be installed in any location that is free of air conditioning ducts, electrical
wiring and plumbing. Safety, as well as efficiency of operation, must be considered when
selecting the heater location. Try to select a location that does not interfere with room traffic and
offers access for the Balanced Flue terminal installation. Refer to AS5601-2004 for minimum
clearances for Balanced Flue termination.
When this appliance is installed directly on tile or other combustible materials other than wood
flooring, the appliance should be installed on a metal or wood panel extending the full width and
depth of the appliance.
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