Moulded Refractory Brick Panels Installation
a) Place the bottom refractory panels (A) and
(B) at the bottom of the firebox and pull them
toward the front of the unit to help positioning
the sides and back refractory panels.
b) Place the lower back refractory panel (C).
Install it on the floor of the firebox, behind the
bottom refractory panels.
c) Place the left and right lower refractory
panels (D) and (E). Set them on the floor of
the firebox, as shown.
d) Lay the upper back refractory panel (F) on
top of the middle back refractory panel.
e) Place the upper left and right refractory
panels (G) and (H) onto the notches of the
middle left and right refractory panels.
f) Secure the upper refractory panels
retainers using the screws provided with the
owner's manual kit.
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