g) Install the andirons and secure them with
anchor bolts.
A hot air gravity system can be installed by fitting the air diffuser kit SFA0086, sold separately.
This kit includes four air diffusers. The two small air diffusers must be installed as air intakes at
the bottom of the wood inbuilt. The two larger air diffusers must be installed as hot air diffusers, at
the top of the wood inbuilt. Ducts are not included and must be purchased separately. Adapters
can be found in the firebox of the wood inbuilt. When installing the kit, all four air diffuser
must be used.
Hot Air Gravity System
Ducts for air intake must be 150 mm in diameter, flexible or rigid, insulated or not, with a zero
clearance to heat sensitive materials. They should also be as short as possible.
For an optimal air circulation, install the air intake diffusers on both sides of the wood inbuilt
enclosure. Diffuser’s framing should be 241 mm X 219 mm. The air intake diffusers should be
located less than 152 mm higher than the centre of the air intake of the wood inbuilt.
A. Air Intake Diffusers Ducts
Moulded Refractory Brick Panels Installation (continued)
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