B. Hot Air Diffusers Ducts - Assembly and Installation
j) Install the decorative plate by pressing on
both sides of the plate.
i) Reach inside the air diffuser and grab the
inside plate with the pipe already installed on
it. Hook it on the air diffuser plate.
The flue system acts as the engine that drives your wood heating system. Even the best zero
clearance wood inbuilt will not function safely and efficiently as intended if it is not connected to a
suitable flue system. The heat in the flue gases that pass from the zero clearance wood inbuilt
into the flue system is not waste heat. This heat is what the flue system uses to make the draft
that draws in combustion air, keeps smoke inside the zero clearance wood inbuilt and safely
vents exhaust to outside. You can think of heat in the flue gas as the fuel the flue system uses to
make draft.
Minimum Flue System Height
Flue heights and lengths from AS/NZS 2918:2001
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