Model # SF00400
Colour Metallic black
Combustible Hardwood
Recommended heating area* < 93 m2
Test Standards (safety) AS/NZS 2918
Test Standard (emissions) AS/NZS 4012 & 4013 (exempt**)
Flue Spigot Diameter 200 mm
Flue system Triple skin flue system
Ceramic glass thickness 4 mm
Maximum Log Length 760 mm
Firebox Volume 0,181 m3
Shipping Weight 347 kg
* Heating capacity may vary subject to location in home, flue system draft, flue system diameter,
locality, heat loss factors, climate, fuels and other variables.
** This unit is tested as a central system because it can be hooked-up to hot air distribution ducts.
It is therefore exempt from emissions testing.
General Information
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